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I’m a Bronx, New York native blogging out of Manasota, Florida. This platform came about due to the growing need of an e-meet entrepreneurial space for creatives, to manifest through networking and collaborating. Initially it bloomed from my own personal journey of self discovery and a desire to learn from others. By interviewing many of the individuals that I have met through out the years of my career and educational background. These experiences have allowed me explore human connections, innovative thinking, and prolific life strategies. I document exclusive features and stories while balancing diverse perspectives. The Localista Blog has evolved into wearing many hats and has an open door to contributing writers from all over the world. It has grown over the years as a hub of multidimensional content and continues to emerge as a brand of its own.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places, support each other, and manifest all things creative.

So welcome and stay a while!

Okay, so let's talk a little more about me! Click the link MORE below and scroll down to ‘The Creator of The Localists Blog”