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Meditation 101 - By Evelyn Rivera

Meditation 101 - By Evelyn Rivera



“Meditation is your first habit. Every human should meditate to keep the mind clean. Meditation is nothing but cleansing the mind through a process. You will take a bath so that you may not stink, but if you don’t take a bath and you put on cologne, you will stink differently. Meditation is the cleansing of the mind so that mind can tell you who you are.”  - Yogi Bhajan 



Main benefits of meditation:
Demonstrate your untrained mind in action 

Helps you stay focused in the present

Physical & mental grounding 

Better control over your thoughts 

Reduces mental clatter 

Promotes calmness and compassion 

More mental space

Reduces anxiety 

Lowers blood pressure and heart rate 

Promotes awareness of day-to-day life 

Helps you make better decisions

Helps you align with your higher self 

Develops positive discipline

Helps honor your spirit and soul

Promotes self acceptance 

Plus much more! 

Understanding Meditation

Meditation first begins with understanding your breathing. Once you learn how to properly breathe, picking a daily ritual will become easier because meditation is that simple!. You can literally lay in bed for 5 extra minutes a day and just consciously breathe! There is no right or wrong way. 



For me personally, I have an altar. My altar keeps me safe, guided and stable, it is my sanctuary. You can make yours however you want it. Always keep your things facing east.

Things I keep to help with my day to day:

  1. Glass of water with parsley to get rid of negative energy 

  2. Florida water sprinkled with basil for cleansing the energy and helps protect you in the astral (dreams)

  3. Incense

  4. Regular glass of water to stabilize energy

  5. A plant 

  6. Pablo Santo in my caldron 

  7. My singing bowl


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Evelyn Rivera

mother, wellness adviser, author, and aspiring Doula

IG/Twitter: brujayogi . loveandwaterco.com

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