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Voice and Visibility Salon Series

Voice and Visibility Salon Series


Voice and Visibility Salon Series is circled around the conversation of Investing in Women’s progress and focused on ways to turn down the noise and turn up the action. This series also highlighted the art of local and international artist’s of our collective choosing.

SRP, LLC is a consulting firm designed to equip organizations, entrepreneurs and change makers with the strategy and networks they need to achieve successes! This private event premier salon series was a success. Shannon Rohrer-Phillips put together an event for people to embrace the narratives of marginalized groups, while offering an inclusive platform for female artist to exhibit.

Shannon Rohrer-Phillips anticipated salon series shows her diverse lens for curating dynamic and socially aware events. This was also a great partnership for The Localista / The Localista Artist Concept to premiere there highly-specialized business practices and knowledge of the multi-dimensional worlds of the arts. Bianca Selket, a Sarasota native and self-taught artist who works with The LAC was featured along with Laura Baran.

Here are some images from this fabulous debut, photography taken by the talented Dan Perales.

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Jakelia Newsome: Airbnb Photo Shoot Experience

Jakelia Newsome: Airbnb Photo Shoot Experience