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How a Visit to Blue Sage Eco Boutique can Make You Feel More Connected to the Earth- By Danielle Bayard Jackson

How a Visit to Blue Sage Eco Boutique can Make You Feel More Connected to the Earth- By Danielle Bayard Jackson


After a week spent racing around the city for business meetings and “mommy groups”, I found myself a bit disconnected from my surroundings. Early Saturday morning, I handed the baby to my husband and told him I needed a few hours to roam—to feel the wind on my face and ground myself a part from the unpredictable chaos of running a business and raising a seven-month-old baby.

I trekked to Seminole Heights, my old stomping grounds, and decided to step into Blue Sage Eco Boutique, a charming and unassuming bungalow nestled on Central Avenue .

Little did I know that a brief visit inside would set me on a path toward increased connectedness with the earth.

Here’s how:

Their candles are incredible, and smelling them is inspires an earth-like steadiness.

The candles at Blue Sage Eco Boutique are infused with crystals and made of soy.

They also smell amazing.

I closed my eyes as I smelled each one, and envisioned myself alone in my bedroom, praying and burning them—centered and calm. Each candle has a particular purpose, and there is a description of the affirmation you are encouraged to use with each one.

As you set your intention, you should not only feel tranquil and reassured, but connected with the world around you.



I purchased one for my cousin and vowed to come back to purchase more for family and friends—and myself. Blue Sage also offers a subscription so that you can get a monthly reminder to slow down and connect when you need it most.

The stones and crystals are totally mystic.

While some believe in the power of stones, I believe in the symbolism they hold. Either way, there are many beautiful crystals and stones to serve as reminders of whatever you need.

I was most excited to learn the boutique offers “New Mama Moon stones”. Described as “the perfect nurturing crystal set for new moms”, it is a 4- pack = 1 shungite, 1 moonstone, 1 bloodstone, 1 green aventurine. Each stone is labeled/identified with the intention


I was glad to see that a few of the intentions are acceptance, new beginnings and rest. My baby

has certainly brought new beginnings to my life, and I am working to accept my new self

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.30.28 PM.png

(physically, mentally, and spiritually) in this foreign space, and it was nice to see something built

especially for women like me.

There are journals to ground you, encouraging gratitude and reflection.

Journaling is one of the most powerful practices you can include into your daily routine. I have been

journaling since I was 10, and it works in three ways: the physical act of writing helps you to move your

thoughts from your mind to paper, which is helpful when you are feeling frustrated, lost, or

overwhelmed. It helps you to make sense of your emotions, as seeing them on paper helps you to read

them objectively and begin understanding what’s taking place inside of you. And finally, journaling

serves as visible evidence of your growth. Revisiting passages you wrote years or even weeks prior

works to encourage gratitude as you can see the ways God has grown you and orchestrated good things

in your life.


Blue Sage offers several beautiful journals of different styles and sizes to encourage this practice. Having neglected my journaling for the past few months because of the zombie-like state I’ve been in with my new baby, this was a reminder to re-engage with a practice that makes me feel peaceful and connected.

The artwork will inspire curiosity.

There is a small room in the boutique where original paintings adorn the walls. I immediately connected with a few of the pieces, captivated by the pull of the eyes in the images. Fortunately, anyone who has the same experience can inquire about them, as it appears that most of the work is available for purchase.


The owner is all about community.

When I opened the butter yellow door to enter the boutique, I was greeted by a beautiful brown woman with an uplifting smile. Her name was Christina and she wore a loose and flowing dress, earthy jewelry dangled lazily from her neck, and her hair was tossed effortlessly atop her head like a crown made of sweet, earthy moss. She greeted me warmly and offered to explain the details and significance of the items in the store. I told her I was just browsing (in the mood to be more of a passive observer than an active conversationalist). When I finally made my purchase, I listened in as she chatted excitedly with someone, explaining the purpose of the enormous crystal sitting at her desk. Her eyes danced as she spoke of how, over time, the crystal itself had shrunk as visitors touched it. The oils wore it down, but in the process, their “negative energy was absorbed.”

It was clear she is all about community as spoke passionately with others. And the women in Valhalla (a store down the street) told me she was very generous and involved with the neighborhood. The boutique even hosts a monthly book club where people are encouraged to read and gather to discuss that month’s literary work.

My visit to the boutique was brief, but it sparked in me a curiosity and recommitment to daily practices that center me to the earth, to my heart, and to my community.

This Earth Day, I encourage you to think beyond tree-planting and instead, consider ways that you can connect with the earth through quiet reflection, prayer, and the use of earthly things for spiritual purposes. It can make all the difference for your daily living, and I’d like to think that the earth benefits too.


By Danielle Bayard Jackson

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