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A Conversation with: Fashion Crave Blogger and Thrift Seller, Ebony Rice

A Conversation with: Fashion Crave Blogger and Thrift Seller, Ebony Rice


Ebony and I attended the High School of Fashion Industries, it’s a secondary school in Manhattan NY that has magnet programs in fashion design, merchandising, and art. We’re also both from The Bronx, which was a big thing in high school since most students in our school resided in Harlem, Brooklyn, or Queens. With both of us being from the Bronx, this meant two things… you had a friend to ride the train with after class and someone to bond with because you were from the same neighborhood.

We meet at The High Line, which is one of my favorite parks in New York City. It’s full of art, local vendors, and amazing views. With a historical background of it once being used for freight trains on street level tracks that delivered food to lower Manhattan. It has become a very popular tourist attraction, since our school days.

Ebony and I kicked off the conversation about our younger years. We also talked about how she navigates entrepreneurship, her brand Fashion Crave + Craving Vintage, and how to successfully gain traction with some tips she learned!


*Photography by: Ghazer Filmz *

Q. What’s your name and passion profession ?

A. My name is Ebony, my passion is fashion and beauty blogging. I also have an online thrift shop, Craving Vintage. My style of blogging is mainly Fashion, Beauty, Food, and I am trying to get more into health. I’m looking into brands that are clean lines and organic brands.

Picture taken from: Instagram

Picture taken from: Instagram

Q. Do you offer tips and expert advice to your readers on Thrift Shopping?

A. “I started off with thrift items because at the time that I started, I didn’t have a new wardrobe to start blogging . So I started with thrifting, I would demonstrate how to put together an outfit and style it. My audience wouldn’t even know the difference if it was thrifited, old, or brand new. It’s just the way you put it together.”

Q. What’s does blogging mean to you and do you consider yourself an “influencer” ?

A. “Blogging for me is a form of expressing myself. You look at my outfit and I feel like you get to see things I am interested in and the type of person that I am. I mainly like a 90’s type of style so I feel like when you see an outfit you can tell. I’m slowly excepting the word influencer, I am not so big on the word itself. I feel to use that word, you really need to be influencing people. You can’t just be taking photos of yourself and saying I am an ‘Influencer’. They have to truly be moved by what, you’re putting out there.”

Picture taken from: Instagram

Picture taken from: Instagram

Q. Describe ‘Fashion Crave’ in Three Words.

A. “I would have to say Stylish, Powerful, and Vintage.“

Q. Your everyday responsibilities as a brand and blogger?

A. '“To empower women and people who are following me or interested in my blog. It’s not about (me) coming on to my platform to see nice outfits. I also talk about topics that we deal with everyday as women. Excepting yourself and feeling empowered, I hope that is what women feel when they’re reading my blog. "

Q. Your motto, something you live by?

A. “Trust the process. I feel some people rush to see the outcome and they don’t give themselves enough time to get to that point. Everything takes times and I had to learn that.”

Q. What called you to blogging?

Picture taken from: Instagram

Picture taken from: Instagram

A. “I have always been interested in Fashion and I thought I would be a fashion designer, but life took a different turn. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do in fashion. I went through a rough time and I wasn’t working, I was also in the process of figuring out my living situation. I knew that I loved putting outfits together and inspiring other women. I decided that I was going to start a blog. If it did well then great, if it didn’t work out I was going to go in a different direction.”

Q. What is success and how does that look like for you?

A. “It means to just be happy about what I am doing everyday, for me it has nothing to do about the amount of money I make, or if it makes me famous. It’s just what makes you happy to do, everyday. “

Q. What do you feel we need more of or less of in the world?

A. “This world needs more love and less comparison. Stop comparing yourself based off of someone else’s success.”

Q. What’s your favorite thing to come home to after a long day?

A. “Peace and quite because socializing and networking gets draining. So, I look forward to it! Before, I used to be so timid I used to worry so much about what people thought of me. But I am at a place now, where you like me or you don’t.”

Q. Has learning from a mistake, lead to an accomplishment ?

A. “For a while I would allow the opinion of others to control the things I wanted to do. I wouldn’t have started blogging, if I kept allowing other people’s opinions, to control what I did.”

Q. Greatest success in blogging ?

A. “I had the opportunity to work with Calvin Klein and It was amazing. I was questioning myself a lot and wondering if I was going in the right direction, with my career. Since then that has been such a push and motivation, to keep going.’”

Q. What resources would you recommend ?

A. “To be honest just start. Don’t worry about having a photographer or a camera. I started with an I Phone, I put together outfits I already had. I styled them in many ways. The best resource to have is, creativity. Apps also help! Some that I would recommend would be Facetune, UNUM, and Snapseed, they’re all great to use for coordinating, editing, compiling your Instagram posts.”

Q. Advice for bloggers starting out today?

A. “What ever it is you want to do, do it. Don’t question yourself or let what anyone tell you differently. Don’t let anyone make you, stop yourself. “


8 things that make a thrift find, a good one!

Ebony and I have come up with eight things we think make for a good find!

Check out what we came up with below:

Fashion Crave

  • Quality- I mean duh, this is super important when purchasing anything vintage. Yeah, it might look stunning on the hanger but when you wear it out, is it going to fall apart ? I’m obsessed with 90’s fashion, anything that was rocked in that era that I can find is a win! From mom jeans and Guess tee’s, overalls and even flannel button ups!

  • Vintage Designer Pieces - I’m usually not a label whore but when it comes to vintage designer pieces I can’t help myself. These items tend to be better quality so they can stand the test of time and won’t be destroyed, when you decide to step out rocking them. Also, any vintage designer piece you can find, you can bet no one else will have.

  • Versatility - I’m talking about pieces you can repurpose . For example, my favorite section in the thrift shop is the pajama section. Why? Because I can find some of the best slip skirts/dresses, silky tanks, and pajama sets and rock them as is outdoors.

  • Matching Sets - A huge win in my book, to find a dope blazer but imagine finding an entire suit. blazer and pants , you can rock together or as separate pieces - you can’t beat that!

The Localista

  • One of a Kind Pieces - These are items that are unique due to its boldness, or the way its been made. if its embroidery, embellishments, fabric that is unique or hand made. You can immediately interpret if this garment has the qualities to be an eye catcher.

  • Items with Original Tags - It gives you an opportunity to decide if you would like to keep the piece or if you are a thrift reseller, you may want to auction it off. Many people resell their goods, so they have can refresh their own closets without the guilt.

  • Unique Accessories - This is a big one for me, shoes, jewelry, belts, and bags are all great finds to add to your closet. Accessories can add a spark to any pieces you already own. Some items just need a remix to how you once wore it.

  • Affordable Blouses: I have gone into a thrift store and left with 5-6 blouses for a low price. Get more for your buck especially t shirts, tops, and blouses. You shouldn’t spend more than $6 dollars on these types of pieces.

Tianna Andrea

Writer, Director & Creator of The Localista Blog

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